A: Thank you for your inquiryThis item is strong enough for stacked on top of ht otherWe did an experiment with a 150 pounds man standing on top of it without any problems:)…
A: 27lbs, 23.5x16.7x23 product description gives detailsRead the product description.Size: 23.5*16.7*23inWeight: 27lb…
A: Just keep the door open for three to five hour, and then adjust the humidity according your need.
A: Its main funtion of the cabinet is to maitain a stable humidity enviroment inside the cabinet and protects your valuable items from moisture, moth, mildew, rust, dust, mold, fungus, rust, oxidation, warping and etc.…
A: Yes,it can be turned on or turned off by a button
A: The humidity of the dry cabinet is set to 30% at the factory commissioning. If you need to set a higher humidity, open the drying box for three to five hours to increase the humidity of the drying box. Then set the humid…
A: Two years parts warranty.
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